Wayne & Tom (Goggle Box, Australia)

 It is with much enthusiasm we write this testimonial for Love is Love Photography. We were lucky to meet Harry during the Marriage Equality Campaign in Melbourne and were very impressed with his eye for detail and arranged to get some shots done. 

Harry creates an environment where we were so relaxed & confident in what was being done we naturally opened up, which led to some brilliantly creative photos. Love is Love photography totally exceeded our expectations so much on all levels, we don’t trust anyone else to capture our special moments. 

Wayne and Tom ( Gogglebox )


Dolly Diamond (Cabaret Performer)

 I’ve been performing as Dolly Diamond for quite sometime, so I’m very specific when it comes to what I want with photographs.

Harry was fantastic with the brief and I absolutely love the photos we did together. I say together because it’s a collaborative effort when it comes to getting photos done.

I recently used 2 of the photos from the shoot we did as promo for some shows at the Spiegeltent in Ringwood, they represent my character, my work...so they need to be good... and they definitely are. 

Dolly Diamond


Jorge & Dennis (New York)

 Center Stage in the City that Never Sleeps

Central Park and Times Square were ideal backdrops for myself, a ranger at the Statue of Liberty and my husband, Jorge, an actor. Harry transported us onto his magical photographic STAGE. We will never forget our time in his spotlight. Harry is a lovable and talented artist and perfectly captured the true love Jorge and I share for one another and NEW YORK CITY, our hometown. We never felt pressure to perform. When Harry suggested climbing a tree while wearing a suit, we both simply took his direction. No second thoughts at all. Harry is that great! The resulting images are spellbinding. 

Every location and shot was fun, felt natural and the resulting photographs are SHOWSTOPPERS. Central Park and Times Square were crowded with tourists and theatergoers and traffic, but Harry was focused on the two of us. Our experience was as if we were taking our CURTAIN CALL on OPENING NIGHT in front of the world. Please consider this brief note our TONY AWARD to Harry!  BRAVO! 

Dennis & Jorge


Simon & David (Daylesford)

 Simon and I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank Harry for the amazing photos he captured of our special day. We first met Harry several years ago at the Daylesford chillout festival and had also been recommended by friends of ours whom he had 


We were impressed with not only the quality of his work but also how we instantly felt comfortable with him. It’s so important to work with someone that you can feel at ease with and who does not treat taking photos as just another job. 

Harry went above and beyond, the hours in which he spent with us including trial runs and on the day being there from the start showed us that he had our best interests at heart. 

It wasn’t until our photos turned up and our beautiful wedding albums arrived that Harry hand-delivered that the importance of having an exceptional photographer really dawned on us… The quality of his work blew us away. 

It was important for us to have natural looking photos full of love and joy and Harry has captured this beautifully. I can’t thank you enough and will recommend Harry highly to anyone considering using his services. Thank you Harry

David & Simon



Alex & Alejandro (Washington DC)

Harry is an exceptional photographer.  Exceptional because he not only takes beautiful pictures, he captures the essence of relationships with the use of a lens. 

In our case, not only did he manage to capture a relationship of over 23 years, he also managed to wrangle the magic our two-year-old toddler adds to the dynamic.  

Throughout the entire session, Harry was warm, enthusiastic and simply a joy. We could not possibly recommend him more highly.

Judge and Mr. Fernández-Pons.


Paul & Michael (Melbourne)


We couldn't have asked more of Harry from Love is Love Photography. From first meeting to our wedding day.  He was simply brilliant to work with.  We gave him our brief for our wedding and he delivered above and beyond our expectations.  


We married on August 4 2018 and the next day he had delivered a sample of photo's of the day.  We were very impressed and were excited to see the rest of the photos.  The album he created was more than we expected.  


Family and friends have commented on how professional and easy going Harry was.  He blended into the reception and took some brilliant candid shots, before and during the wedding.  


Harry is very professional and delivered on what we asked.  We would highly recommend Harry and Love is Love Photography if you want a professional photographer and amazing results.  The memories of the day will never fade as the end result was simply BRILLIANT.  Thank you Harry for recording our special day so well. 

Michael & Paul


Mark & Mark (Melbourne)

We engaged Harry after meeting and chatting with him over a coffee several months before our wedding and we continued to get to know him throughout the lead up to our wedding.

We experienced Harry’s sincerity, integrity and ability to provide photographic direction in a way that was respectful, tasteful and fun. Harry personalized his services in a way that was not intrusive or awkward and made us feel completely at ease very quickly in front of his camera.

Harry used exceptional listen skills to hear and understand not only our thoughts, but also those around us on our wedding day that asked of his time.

We have been the recipients of Harry’s goodwill and passion for his photography that he shares openly to achieve wonderful results. 

Mark & Mark


Indgrid & Megan (Melbourne)

 When we were planning our wedding, we struggled to find a photographer that would meet our needs and then at very short notice, Harry from Love is Love Photography came to our rescue!

Harry listened to our ideas and offered guidance on the styles of photos and albums. Harry was adaptable, punctual and very professional.

When the day finally arrived, Harry moved effortlessly through the crowd, capturing natural and colourful shots of our ceremony and our wedding guests.

The photos are truly spectacular and have given us hours of delight, sharing the love and memories of the day, with our friends and family. We have received so many comments on how beautiful the photos are.

Harry’s beautiful photography captured the essence of our special day.

Thanks Harry.

Megan & Ingrid


Brian & Dan (Melbourne)

   Our wedding day in November 2019 was beautifully captured by Harry. He has a keen eye for detail and took a number of photos which captured many special moments with my partner Daniel, as well as our friends, family, and our wedding venue. 

Harry is a true professional, courteous, approachable, and most importantly a skilled photographer. Our wedding photo album brings out the best in his photos more so that the soft-copies as the scene is captured in richer, coloured textures and greater detail. 

We wish Harry the best and also to say thank you for being a part of our special day. We highly recommend Harry as a photographer! Love is Love indeed"

Brian and Daniel 


Chris & Jimmy (Melbourne)


We cannot more highly recommend Harry from Love is Love Photography!

Harry was an absolute pleasure to deal with, from our very first meeting where he shared some of his past portfolios, right through the entire journey, he was professional, friendly, engaging, never rushed, and above all took a real pride in every aspect of his work.

On the day of our wedding, he arrived early, made us feel comfortable, engaged with our guests so well, was always subtly present for the important shots, and stayed throughout the entire wedding and reception to ensure he didn't miss a single important moment.  We then had a photo shoot several days later where he had excellent ideas of locations and compositions, and again took all the time he needed to be satisfied he had all the best shots.  

The quality of his work, both technically and creatively, was absolutely superb!  Harry sent us digital copies of selected images the morning after our wedding, so we were immediately able to share the with family and friends.  The rest of the images he processed quickly, and gave us total access to all the raw image files for our own use.  

Then finally, the album he produced and had printed was of outstanding quality.

If you are looking for a photographer for your same sex wedding, do yourself a favour and give Harry a call!

Chris & Jimmy


Craig & De Villiers (Melbourne)


My husband and I engaged Harry to be our photographer for our surprise wedding in February 2018. Harry’s professionalism and wonderful  personality put us immediately at ease. All our wedding guests commented afterward at how engaging and friendly Harry was. 

The first images that Harry showed us brought us to tears.  His work was truly spectacular and way beyond anything we could have imagined. We are thankful Harry also convinced us to do another photo shoot on the beach, with magical  results. An expert at what he does.

We will forever be grateful for the life long memories Harry created for us”

Craig & De Villiers


Dan & Chris (Melbourne)


We have been followers of the Love Is Love Photography Instagram account for a long time and are big fans of Harry’s work.

It was great to meet Harry at his information tent during Midsummer Carnival and we immediately knew that we wanted him to photograph our wedding when the time came. He is so down to earth and we felt very comfortable with him.

What a pleasure it was to have him be part of our wedding day. He was at the venue early and instantly put us, and our sisters, at ease. He’s so warm, friendly and sincere.

Harry’s passion for what he does is obvious and this is clearly more than a job to him.

We absolutely LOVE the results. Harry really captured the spirit of our relationship and how important our wedding day was to us. We really appreciate his eye for detail, creative skill and warm personality.

Harry is a joy to deal with and we highly recommend Love Is Love Photography for any occasion where you want a professional, polite and talented photographer. Thanks Harry!

Dan & Chris


Bill & Joel (New York)


My husband and I booked Harry for a photo session in New York City past September. I have been following Harry on social media for quite a while and I absolutely fell in love with the photos he was posting. It was a dream of mine to get a chance to work with him. I was so thrilled when the chance to work with him came up!

I am much more comfortable behind the camera than I am being in front of it but Harry put both of us at ease. He was a joy to work with! He was very easy going and friendly and we felt an instant bond with him. He found great locations in Times Square and Central Park for the photoshoot and he was really good at getting us in the right position to get the shot right. We loved the photos that Harry provided us after the shoot. 

Everything about working with Harry was absolutely top notch. I would love to do another photoshoot with him in the future. He exceeded my expectations in every way and I highly recommend him

Bill & Joel


Phillippe & John (Yarra Valley)


It  is our very great pleasure to absolutely recommend without prejudice the services of delightful Harry from Love Is Love Photography to  anyone who is looking for brilliant, vibrant, unique and surprising  pictures that really capture the heart, soul and excitement of your  wonderful special wedding day. 

A truly kind, generous and gentle soul,  Harry’s authentically affable nature gives him the gift of being able to  put people off their guard, so that they feel instantly relaxed and  comfortable around him, resulting in wonderfully candid and viscerally  natural photos that really reveal character and capture emotion. Even  the official portrait and wedding party shots retain a lightness of  touch and energy that prevent them from feeling too stuffy or overly  staged in their formality. Plus Harry has such a wonderful natural,  intelligent eye for composition, frame, and light, it ensures that each  and every photo is a keeper, capturing something truly special in terms  of a unique memory, faces or happening from the overwhelming maelstrom  that is everyone’s wedding day.


It is so easy to miss so much when you  are at the centre of all that activity, noise and attention, but looking  back with Harry’s beautiful, rich, detailed photos, you really are  suddenly back in the thrall of it all, reveling and reliving your  favourite moments and catching up on any you missed. 

The Love Is Love  Photography wedding packages also represent really great value for money. Harry is incredibly generous of himself, especially with his  expertise and time, always ready to go the extra mile to work with you  and be flexible in doing whatever it takes to deliver what you want. As a  result, not only is Harry very competitively priced against other  wedding photographers, but the packages offered are so jam-packed with  uniquely additional value that there really is no comparison. 

Working as light as he does (just himself; no entourage of photographer’s assistants), enables Harry to function as a virtual Nikon  Ninja – fast, efficient, unobtrusive, able to get around quickly and  into all corners, nooks and crannies of your event without disturbing  anyone or compromising the comfort and mood of your guests or the  quality of the event atmosphere; this in turn thus maximises his ability  to capture as vast an array as possible of unselfconscious faces,  characters, interactions and moments. 

Coming from someone who is usually  extremely uncomfortable with having their photo taken, that is quite a  feat. Taken altogether, the end result is a truly exciting, revealing,  beautiful photographic time capsule compendium of your wedding and  reception that you will be proud to own and display, and which is  guaranteed to give you years and years of pleasure. 

Harry was such a  positive presence at our wedding and reception. So many of our family  and friends who attended the event have since gone out of their way to  comment on how nice and fantastic Harry was, and what a pleasure he was  to have around, which I think is extraordinary for an event  photographer. 

We really couldn’t be more grateful to Harry for  everything that he did for and brought to the atmosphere of our event,  not to mention the treasure trove of magnificent photos and the glorious  photo books he delivered to us afterwards.

Phillippe & John


Aylan & Rod (Sydney)


We thank Harry for his extremely professional and friendly service. Harry has managed to capture our love perfectly, 

Harry has an extremely friendly personality and we felt totally at ease so quickly. Even though Rod was not feeling well, you would never have known. He did such an amazing job.

I would recommend Harry to anyone that is looking for a very professional and friendly photographer. The photos are absolutely fantastic and you would never be sorry.

Thank you once again  Harry. 

Aylan & Rod


Bear & Scoobs (Geelong)

Harry What can we say but thank you. Your ability to capture our wedding so naturally and with ease is amazing.

 We love your creativity. You went over and above for what we asked for and the results are incredibly beautiful. You made two guys so happy. We have these photos as memories forever.

 Can’t wait to see our final album. Just too hard to pick from all the awesome snaps.

Harry thank you from these two old gays. You made us look amazing Our love is your love. Love is love photography is true to the word. 

Harry captures the love on canvas forever ❤️

Bear & Scoobs

(Happy Husbands)


Steve, Bryan & Chris (Tasmania)

We would like to thank Harry from Love is Love Photography for taking our portraits. We had a great morning walking around gardens with Harry capturing us through his lens.

We have no hesitation in recommending Love is Love Photography as our wedding or portrait photographer. Harry is a sweet man with a great sense of humour.


Steven, Bryan & Christopher


Glen, Leo & Dante (Sydney)

We just want to say big thank you to Harry from Love is Love Photography. We were following Harry on Instagram for quite a while and it was great privilege to be able to have our portraits taken by Harry. The photos were just fantastic. 

Harry made us feel instantly relaxed. He is such a warm and nice guy. He captured the family vibes instantly and that is evident in the photos. One photo we love in particular is where we are all lying down on the lawn and Dante is on top of us with his hands on his chin with a cheeky grin. Check that one out.

We couldn't be more happier with Harry and the photos. We will recommend him to anyone. 

Love is Love and Harry, thank you for what you do and what you did for us.

Hugs and kisses

Glen, Leo & Dante


Steve King (Celebrant)

   What can one say about Harry? As a celebrant, I’ve worked with quite a few photographers, some “kinda alright” others “that’s nice” but nobody with that “WOW factor” that’s evoked by Harry. 

He has a natural repour with couples, his work is quite stunning and he manages to capture the pure essence of the ceremony that the couple and I have spent so many hours creating.

Weddings are a team effort between the celebrant, venue providers and the person who captures those magic moments, the photographer. We all work together to create that unique day for our clients. 

Like any TRUE professional, Harry will go way beyond expectations to ensure that the couples I marry get the best experience on their very special day, he knows that you only get one shot at it and it had better be great.  

Harry understands that, and after working with him and seeing his professional skills, I highly recommend him to all my clients.

Steve King – Equality Marriage Celebrant.


Kevin & Jamie (Melbourne)


We were recomended Love is Love Photography by our Celabrant, and we are certainly glad he did!!  

Harry is a passionate photographer, and was very snap happy at our Wedding.

Our guests were delighted with the enthusiasm he has, a real people's person, friendly, courteous.

The Wedding album is more like a story book, than your usual Wedding Album with excellent, clear and detailed pictures.

I would highly recommend Harry, he give a... A+ service.

Thank you Harry,

Kevin & Jamie


Adam & Paul (Yarra Valley)

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank Harry for his wonder photography on our Wedding day. Besides taking beautiful pictures, Harry kept the mood by making us smile and laugh and capturing everyone in the moment during that long day.

We are so happy with both our pre-wedding and wedding day photos. The quality of the superb albums and cases are simply outstanding and we can't thank him enough for providing us with such beautiful memories of that special day in our lives.

We would without doubt recommend Harry's quality photography services to our friends and family as so many people have said, what wonderful work he does.

Love and Thanks

Paul & Adam CHILVERS


Campion & Simon (Melbourne)


We had a quiet wedding at home followed by a party for family and friends. We engaged Harry to photograph both events and could not be happier with the results. 

Harry’s relaxed and friendly style immediately put us at ease. He caught the intimacy of our relationship and wedding without being intrusive and has given us a lasting record of family and friends celebrating with us. 

His ability to quickly and unobtrusively set up shots – along with a sharp eye for detail, a rapport with guests, and a willingness to go the extra distance – made working with Harry an absolute pleasure. 

We unreservedly recommend Love is Love Photography to capture your special day. 

Campion and Simon 


Bronte Price (Celebrant)


I have had the pleasure to work with Harry on numerous occasions at LGBTI weddings where I have been the celebrant, and have had opportunities to form views about him and his work. The couples who have engaged Harry  have, without exception, been thrilled by the photographs he has  produced. 

Harry works respectfully with LGBTI people and prides himself on the depth of the relationships he develops with his clients. He works unobtrusively and cooperates beautifully and effectively with other wedding suppliers such as venues, videographers and car providers. 

Harry often goes over and beyond what is expected by his LGBTI clients - he offers additional wedding shoots before or after the ceremony and it’s  not unusual for him to spend more than 12 hours shooting on any one wedding day. As a gay celebrant, I value the way in which Harry understands the LGBTI couples I marry, and I get a thrill when I hear from Harry that he’s caught up with these couples long after their  wedding day. I highly recommend his services.



Tony & Warwick (Melbourne)

Warwick and I had the most memorable day in August 2019, We can not thank Harry from Love is love photography enough. He did an amazing job capturing the love that we shared and the joy that we experienced on this our BEST day EVER. 

From the first meeting right through to today we feel we have formed a great friendship. Harry went over and beyond with pre-photo shoots with our loving pets, we lost one before the wedding and I was so glad that we have Harry's photos of him, they are cherished moments.

Prior to the big day Harry came and captured some casual stuff, then on the day remained until the end of the reception. We have many fantastic moments during the day and it was a very hard job sorting photos for albums because there was so much to choose from, so much we ended up doing two albums.

Thank you again Harry for being a part on this day and doing an outstanding job. 5 Stars, amazing efforts capturing everything beautifully.

Tony & Warwick


Michael & Akash (Ballarat)

 We came across Love is Love Photography on Instagram and had to contact Harry for info because we couldn't stop looking at his photos.

We had a very friendly talk with Harry before the shoot for a bit, so it was no wonder that we didn't feel shy or uncomfortable around Harry for photos and there wasn't any moment that we felt awkward posing for photos because everything was so natural and candid.

We enjoyed our time with Harry during the shoot and loved his friendly personality. The end result was truly amazing! 

We definitely recommend Harry to capture the beautiful moments in your life. 

love and regards,

Akash & Michael


Peter & William (Toronto)

 It was an absolute pleasure of ours to be photographed by you at few of Toronto's well know locales.

You are an amazing photographer and can we just say 'wow'. The pictures are stunning! Even though miles away, we may just hire you as our wedding photographer. 

You have a passion for photography. Please keep up the good work, especially for the LGBT community. We all deserve to feel special and with your pictures, you helped us achieve that.

Peter & William


Dave & Mark (Melbourne)

  From our first meeting with Harry, we instantly knew we wanted him to be our wedding photographer. This was in early 2018 and our wedding wasn't until February 2019. I'm an actor and Harry took some wonderful shots of me to use for my portfolio and he also took some awesome sample pics of Dave and I, which were brilliant and it cemented our decision to hire Harry as our photographer. 

Harry was fantastic to deal with in every step of the process and when our day arrived, Harry made it a day to remember and was an integral part of our wedding. Harry took many beautiful photos and began sending us some photos the very next day to show us how they have turned out. It wasn't long before he gave us an album full of gorgeous pics and even gave us an identical album as a keepsake.

We would absolutely recommend Love is Love Photography. Harry is a friendly, respectful and talented photographer.

Dave & Mark


Stu & Sam (travellers from UK)

 We came across Love is Love photography as we followed each other on Instagram and were inspired by Harry's clearly professional and passionate work. 

After discussing our upcoming visit to Melbourne, we organised a sunrise photoshoot - our first ever so we definitely didn't know what to expect and were a little nervous. However we need not have worried. Within a few minutes, all our anxieties and awkwardness were put to ease. 

We normally don't show much affection in public, but with Harry's guidance from behind the camera, it seemed to come naturally. He knew exactly how to capture the moment in a truly natural way and nothing seemed forced with him. 

We visited several locations to take photos and soon loved the experience.  The photos we received afterwards totally exceeded our expectations too. 

Would we recommend @loveislovephotography? The answer would be resounding YES! We feel like we've also made a lifelong friend in the process.

Keep up the great work, Harry!

Stu & Sam


Brian & Allan (travellers from UK)

 During our round the world trip, we got the chance to have our photographs taken around Melbourne by Harry from Love is Love Photography.

Thank you for making our first ever couple photo shoot such a fun and relaxed experience. On top that, we are completely in love with our final images. They capture the special bond between us and remind us of our special time in Melbourne, Australia.

The whole experience was delightful and we are glad to call Harry a close friend whom we'd like to cross paths again.

Love and Hugs

Brian & Allan


Sam & David (Mount Macedon)

 Harry was lovely, warm and generous with his time on our photoshoot. He made us feel totally at ease, so that he could capture some lovely moments. The candid moments captured so beautifully is true testament to Harry's ability in making us feel relaxed and be ourselves in front of the camera.

We strongly recommend Harry if you are looking for a friendly, funny and talented photographer who will put you at ease.

Sam & David


Klara McMurray - the Funky Celebrant

Having worked with Harry on a few of double-groom weddings we've had such a relaxed, fun time together and I truly believe that our working relationship affects the whole vibe of the day. 

If the suppliers get along and understand each other, everyone feels comfortable.

Harry knows when to be discrete and when to take charge, he's easy-going, non-judgemental and best of all, his shots are amazing!

Check out the one he's posted with this testimonial for one.

The man knows how to capture the moment and capture it damn well!!!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant


Kim & Jun (Melbourne)

The use of Harry’s wedding photography service was recommend by our friends.

We met Harry on the wedding day. He was very friendly and punctual.

Harry gave us a lot of ideas on posing for the best photo.

Harry’s photography skill is amazing and captured beautifully the special moments of our lives.

We absolutely love our wedding photos and would recommend Harry's service to anyone who need the best photographer to capture their precious moments.

Thanks Harry and all the best with your photography career.

Best wishes,

Kim & Jun


Michael & Craig (Melbourne)

 Harry is fantastic at what he does! 

We could not be happier with the way our wedding photos turned out. He listened to what we were after and really captured what we were looking for. 

The photos were incredible and the turn around was quick. We would absolutely recommend Harry. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful experience. 

Michael & Craig