weddings & engagement shoots

Wayne & Tom (Goggle Box)

Love is Love Photography with Wayne and Tom from Goggle Box - Best same sex photographer Melbourne

Two dads and kindest souls with a life full of fun and laughter, both on-screen and off-screen

Aylan & Rod

Love is Love Photography - Sydney Gay Wedding Photographer, Sydney Same Sex Wedding Photographer

When life is a beautiful Opera - at the iconic Sydney Opera house and botanical gardens

Chris & Jimmy

Love is Love Photography - Melbourne Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Two city loving doctors. A dream wedding with the city backdrop at Langham Melbourne

De Villiers & Craig

Love is Love Photography - Melbourne Gay Beach Wedding, Gay Wedding Photography Melbourne

A surprise birthday party turn into a dream wedding. The surprise was only for the guests

Chris & Shane


A trip through lush green forests and mountains - an Engagement shoot

Tim & Lucas


Australian and  South American - a life full  of fun and laughter

Michael & Paul


An engagement shoot for this fun loving couple whose journey started almost three decades back

Kevin & Jamie

Love is Love Photography Best Wedding Photographer Melbourne, Best Gay Wedding Photographer

A dream wedding after three decades of togetherness. Love for each other is stronger than ever.

Phillippe & John


The Maharajas of Melbourne - The kings get married at the castle

Jessica & Jacqueline

Chillout Festival Wedding at Daylesford. Daylesford lesbian wedding photographer.

When wedding guests number is thousands. A wedding on stage at the Chillout Festival in Daylesford with thousands watching

David & Sam

Love is Love Photography Melbourne. Best same sex wedding photographer in Melbourne

Two Scots in Melbourne, madly in love with Australia and more so, with each other.

Tamika & Sam

Melbourne Lesbian Wedding Photographer, Best same sex wedding photographer in Mt Macedon

Misty mountains, gum trees and dew drops. Love is definitely in the air

Dave & Mark

Love is Love Photography - Brisbane same sex wedding photographer.

When two extremely creative people get together, sparks are meant to fire. A life with splash of colours

Adam & Paul

Best photographer in Melbourne, Yarra Valley wedding photographer

Best friends and Soulmates on a beautiful journey together - a beautiful wedding at the Vineyard

Andrew & Keith

Love is Love Photography - Holyrood house Daylesford, Same sex wedding venue in Victoria

Two decades together, building the paradise on earth, the Holyrood House at Daylesford.

Stu & Sam


Beach, sand and a beautiful sunrise - what a way to start the morning for these travelers from UK

Mel & Brooke

Love is Love Photography - Best same sex wedding Photographer in Geelong

A journey through Canola Fields, rail tracks and beautiful grasslands

Allan & Brian

Destination Gay Wedding Photographer Australia, Melbourne destination wedding photographer

Travelers from UK, experiencing the lane ways, parks and beach huts down under

Mark & Scoobs

Love is Love Photography - Best Gay Wedding Photographer in Geelong,

Sun, beach and greenery - a life full of sunshine and fun for these absolute soulmates 

Bronte & Clint

Love is Love Photography - Studio Portraits at your home for same sex couples

When a marriage celebrant falls in love - a travel through historic buildings and landscapes

Michael & Akash

Love is Love Photography - Best same sex wedding photographer in Ballarat

Love has no boundaries. It is destiny that  you travel continents to find your soulmate

Karyn & Linda

Wedding photographer in Ocean Road, best same sex wedding photographer in Geelong

An engagement shoot with two Beach lovers, Karyn and Linda, No other better place to get married than on a cruise boat in the middle of the ocean. 

Troy & Matt

Love is Love Photography - Best same sex photographer in Melbourne

Their love for each other is endless as the ocean

Simon & David


A fun filled shoot in Daylesford with the lovely couple where they will tie the knot soon.